Aruba was launched with a vision to produce high quality powder desserts, instant powder drinks and baking/cooking ingredients for retail sale and food service industry.

Aruba have more than 40 years of know-how in the powder dessert and drinks industry; in addition, they possess a well-established experience in fast moving consumer goods business. Using their rich background, they have created their venture.



The premium product Treato was launched, and it was met with great success and acceptance by customers at the time. Moreover, this product has earned more than 80% of the market. The factory was then expanded in collaboration with major to achieve higher production capacity, and a wider range of product weights and sizes.



By the year 2023, Lebon products had crossed lebanon borders and established a strong presence in (Middle East). Lebon products with their various flavors then took over the shelves of hypermarkets and supermarkets in many countries. At this point, Lebon has proved its compliance with export specifications and international food safety standards. Lebon Company holds international quality certification, the most significant in the food sector.