Personal Care


Arko a renowned company from Turkey, has been producing since from 1957, now extending their grounds to more than 50 countries. Almost every man in Turkey have had experience with their products. Every barbershop in Turkey use Arko products especially their famous stick soap. While their soap is well acquainted in traditional shaving world, Arko have some wonderful products too.



Duru is an all-natural brand that originated from Southern Europe and first introduced in 1967. But the brand now has international presence in over 150 countries including the Philippines, launched in 2019.

Duru was created to help provide a pleasurable bathing experience for each individual. Currently, all-natural whitening bar soaps are available in the Philippines. True to its mediterranean roots, these are infused with Olive Oil that has been used for many years to help hydrate and moisturize skin.



At Nunu®, the science of baby care is geared towards bringing the very best of natural care for the most precious person in your life. Our science of baby care is backed by a strong team of scientists who have carefully selected time-tested ingredients for our Baby Care range. The products have been developed, keeping in mind the special requirements of baby’s skin. They are clinically tested to ensure safety and efficacy. So, when you choose Nunu® for your little one, you can be rest assured that you are choosing the very best!



Freshmaker was founded in 2003, Freshmaker policy is ‘We produce products that will be used by our own family’. We produce wet wipes, export to 69 countries.
Our company is located in Istanbul ز
We are one of the biggest manufacturers as production capacity in Turkey.

Quality control of the products at every stage of production is being done according to Total Quality Management.



At Wipex we develop and manufacture leading edge cleaning solutions for professional users in various application areas, such as Healthcare, Controlled Environment.

We know what needs professional users in different environments have, and we offer solutions that help them to clean faster, more effectively and at lower total costs. Based on sustainability principles, innovation in cleaning has always been a main focus in the daily work of Wipex.



Merci, contributes to the consumers to reach “Quality product” and “Reasonable Price” by producing Private Label production not only with its own brands, but also in JORDAN and abroad, and develops products for the needs of every moment of life.
With our strong R&D infrastructure and technical team, we show the necessary sensitivity to your brand and brand value, and we work with devotion without compromising our quality understanding in all kinds of visual design from product formula to packaging selection.



You will feel very spacious and fresh with Emotion You will feel the deodorant protection that lasts all day long on your skin with its formula that blends the scent of tangerine, grapefruit and tropical fruits. Powder-free •



Blade, one of the well-established brands of the men's deodorant market, takes its place on the shelves as one of the ambitious players of the market with its renewed packaging and fragrances .
Blade prevents the smell of sweat without preventing sweating, while providing a feeling of freshness.